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Breed It Raw – Rebel Unleashed

Another fresh week and tie to see another breed it raw update unfold for today. As you all know, this site is the home of many black gay studs that like to put their nasty and sensual fucking on camera for you to see and also the best place to come and visit when you’re down to see some passionate and hot hunks fucking nice and hard all over the place too. Anyway, let’s get back to business and see another threesome fuck going down at breeditraw com here and you can have the pleasure of checking out another three hot black hunks taking their time to have some juicy fun for you and the cameras too. So let’s check them out at play today!


The three jocks also get to put their sexual skills to use in a nice living room today and they waste little time on getting down and dirty with one another too. See them starting off with undressing and caressing mixed with passionate kissing too everyone, but that was just the appetizer as the three can then be seen getting kinky sucking each other’s cocks to get one another hard. And then the real anal fucking goes down. But we’ll leave that for you all to explore for yourself in more detail. We just hope that you’ll have fun and you can come back again next week for another sexy show too. Oh and check out the past scenes too if you want more! Bye guys!

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Training Day

Hey there guys and gals and welcome yet again to a new scene. We know just what you want to see and we bring you more of it of course. And that is some more superbly hot looking chocolate studs that get to enjoy some passionate sex just for your enjoyment in this juicy scene. You know that we never disappoint and we always have the best of the best to show you in every scene without fail as well. Anyway, let’s just get the show going already in this nice and hot breeditraw com scene as you can see the two fuck hard on camera just like all the other hot gay studs around this place too. So let the show roll out without delay!

The whole thing takes place in the living room and you can rest assured that they got to put that couch to some pretty good use for this afternoon to say the least. Watch some oral and foreplay getting done as they want to set the mood even better for the rest of the thing and it’s just amazing to see some black cocks getting some juicy lips wrapped around them. But of course, the best part of the show is seeing these guys fucking raw and taking it raw in the ass, which is what this guy here got. See that ass getting a nice and rough pounding from his fuck buddy’s big black cock and enjoy the view of it. We’ll be back soon with another show! Until then, enter the kristen bjorn site and find similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics! See you soon, guys! Have fun!


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Phoenix Kryptnite

Hey there once more and welcome yet again to a brand new breed it raw scene for the afternoon. You know just what we have to show off every week and you know it’s finger licking good too. Let’s get to check out a new couple for this one having some fun in this classy scene that you can check out and their names are Phoenix and Kryptnite. The two black guys know just how to put on a simply stunning show today and we bet that you’ll end up with them in all of your fantasies. Anyway, let’s watch them take their time to enjoy a classy and hard breeditraw com fuck today without delay and see just what they were up to shall we?


The show begins with the two guys getting to kiss and caress one another while also taking each other’s clothes off to reveal some muscled and sexy bodies all ready to get naughty and kinky too. We can pretty much tell you right now that their show was smoking hot from start to end and when Kryp got down to suck that big and hard black penis you knew they were in to do some naughty stuff today. Either way, take the time to see them taking their sweet time to fuck each other nasty all over the room today and enjoy the view. We’ll see you again soon as always and we’ll bring you another new and juicy gallery with even more hot and sexy black studs playing!

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Breed It Raw – True Diamond

Well here we are with another new breed it raw update and it’s time to amp it up today. As you can see we have more than a threesome going down and once again it’s chalk full of black studs eager to get kinky with one another. As you can observe from the preview, there’s no less than four hot and horny black studs playing here so this one has two one on one teams fucking hard for you to see. Let’s just get to watch another stunningly sexy and hot action scene go down at breeditraw com as they get to fuck hard all over the living room today. You naturally get front row seats to the whole juicy and kinky show and you have plenty to see in this one!

Then the cameras roll you can see that the trio was down to play in the living room and they were aiming to get nasty without delay too. By the time you get to see them getting to play with each other they are already stripped down to their underwear and the guys getting the cocks up the ass are the ones that you can see sucking some hard cock as well. And while they do that, the other two studs finger fuck their asses while getting their dicks wet. Either way, you can rest assured that it’s a simply must see scene here and we know you’ll adore it. We’ll be seeing you again soon with another new update. Bye bye and have fun until then everyone!


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Raw Cabin Christmas

Another fresh week and time to check out another new update here as usual. Well since you guys just loved the three guys that we brought on your screens last week, here we are with another new gallery featuring some more hunks getting wild on camera. Actually, it’s the same three that you saw then and they are back for round to show off again. That’s pretty much half of the surprise. The other half is that they had this cabin in the woods all to themselves for a weekend so you can expect lots of breeditraw com gay fucking getting done in that time too. Anyway, let’s get to check them out playing kinky once again!


As soon as the cameras begin to roll the guys are all nice and naked and you can check them out getting all touchy feely with each other’s nice and big dicks too. They stroke them and suck each other off too and that’s just the tip of the iceberg on this chocolate sex cake for the afternoon. Pretty much the only thing they get to keep on is their socks and you can see them like last time, taking turns to plow each other in the ass as they moan in pleasure and you can bet that at the end of this superb scene all three of them ended up covered in one another’s sticky jizz too. Enjoy this show and come back again next time for more!

Take a look at these black hunks fucking one another!

Romance Knight Dagger

For this week’s new and juicy breed it raw scene we have quite the superb show to present to you. In this new gallery you get to check out a superb little threesome with the studs and naturally all of them are dark skinned too. They got superbly horny for the afternoon and as you know the only way to get rid of that is to have some nice and steamy sex too. That just made them fuck very very kinky in this week’s scene and we can bet that you will enjoy every single second that you get to see them fucking each other at breeditraw com for today. Anyway, let’s get this show on the road as you just have to check out this juicy threesome for the afternoon!

As soon as the cameras roll, the three guys can already be seen in the bedroom starting their little fun session for three. And they pay no mind to anything else as they are in their own little world for this one. Just watch all three of them starting off with sucking each other’s big black cocks to make sure that they are nice and hard for the next part and then see them taking turns to receive a fucking from both ends, so that means taking it in the ass and sucking the other guy off at the same time as well. All in all it’s a superb show and we bet that you’ll feel the same too. See you guys once more next week with a special update for you!


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Hotrod Pantha

Today’s lovely and hot breed it raw scene is sure to make you jump for joy. There’s a new black couple getting to have their fun in front of the cameras and you and they know how to put on quite the sizzling hot and sexy show too. This pair of guys were working in the garage on their hot rod fixing it up and stuff, but it seems that all that hard work, got their rods all excited too. So of course, they went back into the living room to get rid of that honriness. And how else would they do it than with a hard and steamy gay fuck here breeditraw com for the afternoon. So let’s sit back and enjoy the view of two new black studs plowing each other senseless today!


The shoe rolls out and you get to join the guys just as they come into the living room. And like we mentioned, they were already excited, displaying some nice bulges in their pants as they were making their way towards the red couch here. The clothes of course come off quick and the guys are all ready to get to have some fun with each other. Sit back and take your time to see some superb oral getting performed first which is followed of course by them taking turns to fuck each other in the ass balls deep for the whole scene. We hope that you enjoyed the show for today and we’ll bring you another scene soon enough. Bye bye for now!

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Ace Rockwood, Kannon & Venom

Hey there again everyone and welcome back to a brand new and fresh breed it raw scene here. You know that we have the best of the best gay fuck scenes around and they always feature some hot and sexy chocolate hunks that are very very eager to get naughty with each other. Case in point, today’s scene features Kannon and Venom, two new guys around our site that will get plenty of features in the future too. And you will see exactly why in just a bit too. The basic jist of it is that in this breeditraw com scene you watch them fuck hard and make magic happen with it too, so let’s not delay any longer and get those cameras rolling to see them play!

The guys are looking quite good themselves right from the beginning and like many of the studs here you can see them making quick work of each other’s outfits as well, revealing those muscled and hot bodies for you and the cameras today. And naturally, after some passionate foreplay it was time for them to get down and dirty for reals. watch them decide who’s on the receiving end quite fast and then see the guy getting fucked balls deep in that fine and tight ass today. It’s just a treat to see these two fucking raw all over the place for the afternoon and you can bet that we will be having much more new and juicy content next week too!


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Breed It Raw – Ace Rockwood & Elmo

Hey there guys and welcome to a new and hot breed it raw update. As you know we’re got some pretty juicy and hot scenes to show you every single week and today we’re bringing you another raw fuck fest with two juicy and hot studs that wanted to spend the afternoon fucking hard. The two hot studs here are named Ace Rockwood and Elmo and Elmo seems to be the one to take it up the ass in this breeditraw com fucking scene. Rest assured that he’s more than eager to get to feel his buddy’s thick and hard cock up his ass today and he will be enjoying himself throughout the whole thing with that as well. So let’s just enjoy this glorious and hot update today with them shall we?


When the show begins, you can see that they were already in the bedroom starting to get busy with lots and lots of kissing and caressing. Ace had Elmo suck on his big black dick to get him rock hard and then as he laid his buddy on his belly he went in all nice and raw in that tight butt, all to the delight of Elmo here. So watch him pound that ass from behind in this scene and see him making the guy feel really good. And ad the end of this glorious fuck fest, you can see both of them climax and shoot their loads all over one another too. It’s a most wonderful gallery to behold and you can drop by next week too if you want to see even more action!

Enjoy watching this guy getting his ass stuffed!

XL’s Raw Addiction

Welcome. Welcome everybody. You know that we have the best gay fuck scenes here and you get to see some truly intense ones for this afternoon. We have this black couple that gets to be as naughty and nasty as they want on camera and you just have to see them getting down and dirty as they play with each other today. We can pretty much guarantee that you will love the action that you are about to see here. so let’s not delay any longer and let’s get those cameras rolling to just check out this breeditraw com duo fucking nice and hard for your viewing pleasure shall we? The gallery has plenty of lovely images to check out today!

The two guys are pretty passionate about getting down and dirty with each other too so naturally you can see them getting around to kiss and caress one another as the scene starts off and they begin to play. Watch closely and check out a brand new show with these two having some juicy foreplay and then when they are nice and hard, you can see them bending over and fucking each other in the ass in turns. You can bet that they took their sweet time to have some fun all over the place for the afternoon and of course you get to check out each and every single thing that they did. We’ll be waiting for you right here and we’ll have more to show you next week!


Check out these black jocks pounding their asses!

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